Business was up for Romanian furniture producer Lemet last year, when it sold EUR 40.8 million worth of furniture, a growth of 21 percent on 2010.  The producer, controlled by investor Alexandru Rizea, recently opened a new store in Alba Iulia, on some 550 sqm, with a budget of EUR 35.000. This brought the number of its stores, under the Lem’s brand, to 106.

Lemet, initially a furniture manufacturer, has expanded with a retail chain across Romania. Its factory in Campina was set up in 1991 and currently covers 30.000 sqm. Lemet’s factory produces 360.000 furniture modules a year.

The producer competes with other local brands, such as Mobexpert, with both production and retail units, Elvila, Casa Rusu, as well as retail chains Ikea, Kika, Rovere Mobili, Bene. Producer and retailer Staer went insolvent in early 2011.

   Furniture and household goods manufacturer and retailer Steinhoff recently said it was looking to expand into Eastern Europe, with an eye on acquiring small retailers in Romania and Turkey. 

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