Hey guys! If you follow me on Snapchat (larisa_costea) or my stories Instagram (@larisacostea), you probably know already that last week I have spent a day in a furniture showroom. During summer I always think of getting some new furniture and deco accessories in order to change a bit the design of our home and also to get rid of some of the items that are really not that useful. We wanted to get a new comfortable mattress and a new couch and we always regret out choices when we get the items home. This is why we have decided to test them on the spot and I have realized it is very difficult to do that as not many shops actually allow you to test them as if you were at your own house. Luckily, the people at LEMS showroom in Mega Mall were very nice and helpful and they even let me jump in the bed, in order to test it’s resistance. Also their big discount of up to 50% on all the LEMS products till the 20th of November kind of lured us in and if you are from Romania you can check the list with all the stores in the country here.

        I have had my coffee there on of their beds, got warm at one their fireplaces and tested a beige couch which is my favourite and think we are going to get it. Go and check their stores for the special discounts and tell me which are your favourite items.
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